Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement

To create crew, service and corporation that thrive around the world.

Corporate Values

1.Thrive worldwide
Companies born after WWII such as SONY and HONDA put the world market in their vision from the start-up stage. We as venture company in the 21st century is aiming for the same vision.

2.Always put up high goals.
By continuing to put high goals such as “To change the world” and “To create a worldwide standard” would we be able to create new values.

3.Put the utmost important in time .
Time is a priceless asset.
We value time and promise that we would concentrate to get the best value and work efficiently to produce the maximum output within the time limit.

4.Respect the employee, client and stakeholders.
We put our employee first.
We think that without their satisfaction, we would not be able to give satisfaction to our clients.

5.Look forward being hungry and humble at the same time.
Always be positive and look forward to the future, pursue success with hungriness but at the same time be humble and modest to others.

6.Be ethical all the time.
By cheating customers or building up on short-term gain, we would not be able to succeed in long term. Therefore,we look at business in their true essence and conduct business ethically.