Staff Introduction

Asian Passion lasts eternally.

CEO Yohei Kinoshita
Apr 2002    Joined Itochu Corporation, Energy Trade Dept.
Apr 2004 Joined Mobile Factory, Inc.
Jun 2005 Appointed Board of Directors of Mobile Factory, Inc.
Dec 2008 Leaves Mobile Factory, Inc. as terms for BOD ends.
Feb 2009 Found Assion, Inc. and become company’s CEO.

Indian market is mine.

Executive Officer   Yusuke Johnny Nishikawa

I was a planner of social gaming apps in the company called Mobile Factory. At that time I realized that A/B testing is like a magic:double the revenue in just a few days. December 2012, right after changing my career and joining Assion, I happened to know A/B testing tool “Visual Website Optimzier”, which is developed in India. From that time, I am focusing on providing web-marketing solutions using Visual Website Optimizer to the wide range of major companies in Japan such as Recruit, Orbis, Bodyshop and so on.

Develop Assion’s business all over Asia. That’s my mission.

Director of New Market Development Office    Toshimitsu Kobayashi
I Joined Assion to give a impact on Asian countries using my “Web marketing skill”
I was in charge of marketing leader of our Internet media division. Our own media is “Preschool navi (” which is No.1 Preschool, International school website in Japan.During the course of my career at Internet media division , revenues increased quadruple.

After that, I took part in LPO(Landing Page Optimization) division.My role is to increase the number of companies which introduces A/B testing tool “Visual Website Optimizer” and our consulting services. I’m also providing Web marketing consulting services using “Analysis tools” and “Ads technology” such as “Google Analytics” “Listing ads” “DSP” “Heat maps” “A/B testing tools”

My passion in English education is stronger than anyone.


Preschool evangelist   Akisa Ihara

Before I joined Assion, I went to Business school in Ireland, and gained marketing experience  in London. I will do my best to develop English education in Japan by using all my experiences which I learned in United States, Preschools owners advises and Web Marketing knowledge.

We become what we think about.

Marketing Consultant   Shu Min Chien (キャシー)

As a marketing assistant intern in Social Marketing Inc., USA after graduated from Boston University MBA program. Good at self-expression and presentation by Joined many International Business Conferences from graduate school. Was responsible for hosting the 2011 and 2012 International Management Development Association (IMDA) Conference, which were attended by more than 330 professors and managers from all over the world.

For improving sport business in Asia

Marketing Consultant   Shun Takara

I joined Assion as a freshman in 2015 after majoring in MSc Spoor Management and the Business of Football at Birkbeck, University of London, and am in charge of marketing and sales of LPO consulting department. I have been making effort to develop the business as the No.1 in the industry in Japan, at the same time aiming at establishing new business in Asia and Sport area. My motto is “Only one who pursues two rabbits will get a chance to obtain two rabbits”.