Using Listing Ads with LPO consulting

Using Listing Ads with LPO consulting

DO you think it’s waste of 20% fee just on deputizing??

In general, everybody knows how to use Listing Ads.

If a company has operational performances by using the system, you can see a certain result. However companies worry about unsatisfied result.

Many companies say “we can’t read inquiry. “

Well, we suggest the new Listing Ads system, ” using Listing Ads with LPO consulting “

First, we plan to view your company’s LP and information such as keyword, publicity texts and user types first.

Second, we will use A/B Testing to check the Listing Ads are really affected or not withing shortest period.

Therefore, the synergies will be gained by A/B test at high speed and you can keep the CRC minimum value and increase inquiry and qualification.


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