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More than 120 successful achievements on WEB design were consulting by LPO.

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Are those the problems you are facing?

  • Too busy to work on LPO?  
  • Don’t know how to start on LPO?
  • Working on the LPO now, but there is no one at the office know the reason why the inquiry rate has improved on LPO this time.
  • You don’t know what kind of the company you can ask to solve the LPO problems for you. 
  • You want to improve your website but you want to know where and how the improvement will be before you actually change anything.

If you are also facing such kind of problems and want to fix them, Assion will definitely help you!

You can count on us to analyze, fix and data driven LPO on your page.


Top 3 reasons why you should choose Assion

1.  To save our clients the hassle


logo assion and VWO VWOページ編集画面イメージ

Assion uses VWO, the tool which is using by 4000 companies in the world as LPO tool.

We use the VWO exclusive tag to implement clients’ target page , in this way the clients will be able to modify the target page from the edit screen of VWO.

Therefore, without asking Assion or production company to modify the target page, clients can discover the improvement plan to raise the inquiry rate and purchase rate by themselves if they want to.

In addition, with VWO test analysis function and Assion test report service, clients don’t need to spend any time to analyze the test results.

Please see the VWO introduction video and you will understand how Web layout can be tested in a second.

2.  LPO based on user data

crazy egg logocrazy egg heatmap

To improve the inquiry rate  and purchase rate on clients’ page in the fastest way, Assion will implement LPO by analyse the data from users’ bottleneck.

Combination with the heat map tool Crazy Egg (user trend analysis tool) to discover the bottleneck.

By using the visually Crazy Egg, we can know which part of the page attract users and which part doesn’t. In this way we can use those data to build the test hypotheses.

This data-driven approach LPO is why Assion can come up the results in the shortest period.

Also, with those data-basis hypotheses, our clients also accumulate the knowledge on “what kind of pages should we pay attention on in the future?”

3. Creative production, exclusive reports.

Assion’s LPO philosophy  is to improve the CVR  and  sales without spending our clients’ time and effort.

Therefore, Assion will do all the works on LPO measures. For example, to design the banners and buttons image which are necessary on A/B test or to make test results reports which are required for reporting to both internal and customers.

Of course, Assion  pays attention on preparing the reports about suggestions for next test and reasons why and how we run the test.   Therefore, our clients can also gain the knowledge about LPO.

Click the bottom below to see the report sample.


Test any kind of ideas instantly!

In order to answer question like “what kind of LPO service we can get?” from all different kinds of clients.  We are going to introduce the 4 improvement measures.

Allow us to mention gain, our clients can use VWO tool to improve LPO by running all kinds of tests without spending any minutes.

1. Change the catch copy inside the bottom. 


Does your company’s website has buttons like “Please contact us for any questions” or “Buy now”?

It is important to strengthen user’s memory and increase the click rate and purchase intention  by  just looking at the button.

2. Change the catch copy


Do you know the fact that 30% to 50% of visitors leave the website in the first instance?It is essential to lower the abandonment rate by increase the inquiry rate and purchase rate.

We analyze which parts of the pages attract visitors and make them pay attention to read the contents. In this way we can decrease the abandonment rate by providing the contents which attract visitors.


3. change the appeal axis


Have you ever thought about your company’s solicitation might different from the customers’ need?

Assion is not only analyze the data to understand visitors behavior, but also clarify the questions on who are actually interesting on your products and make requirements. We use those points to run tests and replace the image to increase the first impression.  

4. Increase the number of buttons


Haven’t you ever thought about if you increase the number of buttons on your page will decrease the conversion rate?

Actually the result is contrary.

If we provide indication buttons on the page and save visitors’ time to go up and down on pages to find the exact place for “buy now” or ” Ask for more information” then we can increase the conversion rate.


Start the services immediately after insert the tags. 

We are going to set up the VWO and CrazyEgg tags on your website. Of course during the service period, its unnecessary to replace the tags by using the same tool.

Assion will be responsible for all LPO test designs, tool establishment, analyze and reporting.




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We are here to build and operate media businesses that meet the needs of our clients. Assion’s goal is to contribute to our clients’ user acquisition strategy.

By improving operation efficiency, Assion is able to offer services with a lower cost compared to other agencies.

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